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All models are in our stocks and are especially helpful with fast mounting support. Each model is covered by the warranty and contains quality visuals.

Uninterrupted Technical Support

During the technical support and installation phase, you can get support from our corporate customer service at any time of the day. Uninterrupted service is offered by  our professional working team.

Quick Production & Assembly

The desired model is being prepared in a short time and the installation is carried out by our qualified engineer within the guarantee scope. All models are stylish and modern with front panel.

If you want to create a quality visual in your environment and decorate it with 3D, you can access our corporate customer service.

What is Stretch Ceiling?

It is called a ceiling shape which is specially formed to create an aesthetic view with its extraordinary structure. 3D image, flat, circular and geometric shapes are obtained with a stylish decoration. It acts in the atmosphere of the current environment to ensure a modern design.

Stretch Ceiling Properties

stretch-ceiling-systems3 Home

Long Term Use

Its durable structure makes it suitable for long-term use. It makes a positive contribution to your decoration without any wear or abrasion.


Durable Construction

All models are made from high quality materials and they are front plan with great stability. Therefore, you can use it reliably.


No Additional Cost

Since it is a quality model, the related design does not incur any expense after installation. Convenience for long-term use.


Healthy and Hygienic

It does not contain any substance harmful to human health. Easy to use thanks to its cleanable structure.


Quick and Comfortable Application

Thanks to its easy installation, you can make an institutional contribution to the atmosphere of your environment and make it comfortable to use.

If you want to create stylish and modern designs in your environment, you can make professional selections from the models we will offer you.

The stretch ceiling models adds professional visuality to the space. You can take advantage of the examples of modern design to make a difference in the sector you are in and you can put your quality to the forefront.

Our Work

Main features of our work;

• The materials used in the design are fire resistant.
• High quality content and professional workmanship are applied in all designs.
• Special methods are used to ensure that the color used is not lost.
• A modern visual image is obtained with the application of internal light.
• Your model is prepared in a short time and installation is done by our qualified engineers.
• Execution of guaranteed and institutional principles-based work on customer satisfaction.

About Our Company

With stretch ceiling models, you are served in the light of experience and accumulation from the past to make a difference in the sector you are in. We continue to work within the legal framework with our innovative service concept with our expert staff in the field. All service content provided is covered under warranty.

stretch-ceiling-systems3 Home

Translucent Stretch Ceiling Models


The translucent stretch ceiling is a model used for corporate offices. When the LEDs in this model are used, it adds color to the center and changes the air. The most important feature of these lights is that they do not look. The energy it uses is also economical. This ceiling model will offer you aesthetics and quality. It will also be a positive reflection on your work efficiency.

Lacquer Stretch Ceiling Models


This stretch ceiling model is a professional choice for home and office, and its durable construction makes it suitable for long-term use. It also has a front panel with a structure resistant to sunlight. Since the ceiling material is lightweight, installation is done in a short time. It will be an ideal choice for those who want to create a different design.

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stretch-ceiling-systems3 Home

Printed Stretch Ceiling Models


This stretch ceiling model, which is an alternative to those who want to create a privileged design, has a quality design. Visually stylish and modern as well as with the aesthetics of the atmosphere of the environment also adds institutional-ism. Thanks to the quality materials used, you can use for a long time.

If you want to change the atmosphere of your environment by signing modern designs, you will benefit from the aesthetic and stylish design options we will offer you.

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